Esan - On the Balcony

Үндэсний цахим сан

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On the Balcony


On the Balcony

Худалдаж авах


The process of finding the root causes of our failing economy and political system requires an iterative process of trial and error, moving back and forth between the balcony and the dance floor. Leaders must be able to step back from the midst of the action and ask themselves, “What is really going on here?” Yet many leaders lack the power of introspection and reflection and thus face the challenges in their teams, communities, and nations and without truly understanding their deeply rooted causes, not to mention the values, loyalties, and perspectives of the people involved. In effect, they treat adaptive challenges (challenges that require overarching and transformative solutions) as technical challenges (challenges that require specific and finite solutions). To lead well means to live dangerously: in times of frustration and uncertainty, great leaders need to get on the balcony to analyze the bigger arc of change, rather than staying trapped on the dance floor, in the chaos of the moment. This book describes my time on the balcony, my reflections on the future of Mongolia, and my approaches to several Harvard-inspired solutions.
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